Did you know…

Bed Servicing:


  • Should be completed under most manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Will pre-empt problems, reduce call-out costs, downtime and risk.
  • Has been standard practice for Local Authorities and NHS trusts for many years and Care Homes are increasingly following suit.

Why do my profiling beds need to be serviced?

Profiling beds have many moving operational and electrical parts – such as bed rails, rising backrest and hi-lo functions. These moving components are subject to wear and tear, so regular servicing is essential to keep the beds fully functional, for the use of your service users.

What legislation affects bed servicing?

The main piece of legislation that is relevant to Bed Servicing is PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998). This states that:

“The frequency and nature of maintenance [of work equipment] should be determined through risk assessment, taking full account of:

  • the manufacturer's recommendations
  • the intensity of use
  • operating environment (e.g. the effect of temperature, corrosion, weathering)
  • user knowledge and experience
  • the risk to health and safety from any foreseeable failure or malfunction”

Most manufacturers state that inspection of the majority of the mechanical components may only be carried out by expert personnel with suitable training, knowledge, and experience.
This means that as an employer you are potentially exposing yourself to unnecessary risk by not arranging Bed Servicing by a fully trained and qualified engineer.

How much of a disruption will Bed servicing create for staff and residents/patients?

Medaco’s engineers have spent their careers working in care environments and are comfortable accommodating the needs of both Carers and Residents as they go about their work.
As with any planned servicing or maintenance, disruption to resident’s comfort and the regular duties of staff can be minimized. Our Service Team will always plan any servicing carefully and do everything they can to accommodate the specific needs of your staff and colleagues as well as the needs of residents.

Does the bed need to be vacant in order to carry out the service?

Ideally the bed would be vacant, yes. However, if the bed is occupied, our engineers can still service the bed, but will be limited in the amount of functions and components they can test.

What is actually involved in a ‘bed service’?

The scope of the ‘bed service’ does vary depending on the type of beds that you have. However, the process for all beds includes checking the correct operation of all functional/moving parts, lubrication where necessary, notification of any defects (damaged or worn parts) and replacing
these parts if necessary.

Will servicing prevent breakdowns with my beds?

Yes, by being proactive and arranging regular PPM servicing, you can not only prevent costly
breakdowns, but create a safer, happier environment for your staff and residents.

Does bed servicing include a PAT test?

No, this isn’t included as standard, however, please feel free to ask us about this as it can be
arranged in some circumstances.

Does bed servicing include servicing of the mattress?

No, mattresses are not included. Static foam mattresses do not need servicing. Air Mattress
systems can be serviced as a separate item if required.

How much will bed servicing cost?

Bed service costs can vary depending on how many beds you have on site. Call us now on
033 33 22 33 44 to discuss your needs and get a quote for your Bed Servicing.