5 Quick & Easy Sling Checks

Slings, like hoists, come under the LOLER regulation 1998, which means they need to be visually inspected every 6 months by a competent person.

However, a lot can change with slings within a 6-month period especially in a high usage environment, so what is really important is that before each and every sling transfer is made, the carer carrying out the transfer must visually inspect the sling before they use it.

Molift Quickraiser 2 Standing Hoist

A very important part of mobilisation following an illness, procedure or extended bed rest is to transition from a sitting to a standing position. Improving this functional movement can be difficult for the patient and it requires excessive physical demand on staff when providing manual only assistance.

Using the Molift Quickraiser 2 Standing Hoist with Positioning lock, from Etac enables you to assist and support activation and training of this essential movement which improves patient independence.

Watch our quick video to help you asses the beneficial features of Molift Quickraiser 2 Standing Hoist.

8 Things to check before calling out an engineer

Whenever there's an engineer callout, there is a cost involved for their time, travel and parts. Yet many potential callouts for patient handling equipment can be avoided with a little self-help.

Nobody wants to waste time or spend money on engineer call-outs that could potentially be resolved both quickly and easily by a few quick checks. If you follow our 8 top tips, we’ll all benefit!

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