Arjo Discontinuation Notification Letter


On the 18th April 2018 Arjo sent a letter to all their customer to notify them that the Arjo Opera, Marissa, Tempo and Trixie passive floor lifters were obsoleted on 31st December 2017. 

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Medaco can, and will continue to service and inspect the above hoists.  However, spare parts are no longer available, so as and when parts are needed, the equipment will then have to be taken out of service.

Mobile Hoist Obsoletion – FAQ’s

What is the ‘recommended service life’ of a mobile hoist?

Typically, this is 10 years, but please consult your product manual and handbook for the
exact service life of the hoist in question. The environment/situation in which the hoist is
being used, is also a contributing factor.

What does ‘discontinued’ mean?

This simply means that the manufacture of the said hoist no longer manufactures that
particular hoist, but the hoist is still within its recommended service life.

What does ‘obsoletion’ mean?

This means that the manufacture of the hoist will no longer support the hoist in any way – be
it necessary parts, service kits or product liability in the case of an accident.

Why do manufacturers discontinue and obsolete products?

Manufacturers are always having to obsolete old hoist models, as part of their continuing
process, and to ensure that hoists remain compliant with new legislation that may not have
been in place when the hoist was designed.

Will parts still be available?

When a hoist is obsoleted, this usually indicates that the manufacturer parts are no longer
available. Where possible, non-genuine parts can be used.

Can non-genuine parts be used to maintain hoists?

Yes, whilst the manufacturer will not accept any product liability, Medaco as your service
provider will accept product liability for any parts fitted by us.

Will Medaco use non-genuine safety critical spare parts?

No. Medaco will only use non-genuine spare parts where the parts are not safety critical –
e.g. handsets, batteries, and cosmetic parts.

Can Medaco maintain, service and support products that have been obsoleted?

Yes, Medaco can maintain products that have been obsoleted, but as and when genuine
spare parts are required, Medaco will no longer be able to support as the necessary parts
are no longer available from the manufacturers. In these instances, we will inform you

Can Medaco help with replacement hoist options?

Yes, Medaco have a range of hoists that we can offer as like-for-like replacements.



Urgent Field Safety Notice - ArjoHuntleigh Entroy Pool Hoist

Product Issue: Entroy Docking Procedure Failure

Affected Product: 298 ArjoHuntleigh Entroy of model number GAB1000-x1 – see list of affected serial numbers – Annex A.

Resolution: ArjoHuntleigh propose to hand out for the customers that own the devices a quick reference guide to make sure that the intented use of the device is followed.

Affected Serial No.: Please refer to list of affected serial numbers – Annex A.

View the field safety notice here (PDF)



Urgent Field Safety Notice - Arjo Quick Connect Scale used with Maxi Sky II

Product Issue: Quick connect scale used with Maxi Sky 2 ceiling lifts – Disconnection hazard

Affected Product: Quick connect scale manufactured between June 2016 and November 2017.

Quick connect scale serial numbers range:

Part number 700-19490: From serial number 300142013 up to serial number 300219867

Part number 700-19485: From serial number 300146551 up to serial number 300220716

Resolution: Upgrade the devices with a retrofit solution in order to ensure the device is operating safely

Affected Serial No.: Attachment A

View the field safety notice here (PDF)



Urgent Field Safety Notice - Hill-Rom Progressa® Bed

Details on affected Devices:

Affected devices: Progressa® Bed Systems P7500

Serial Numbers: S159AW9192 through S305AW2321

Production Dates: June 8, 2017 to November 1, 2017

Description of the Problem: Progressa® Beds manufactured between the dates specified above may experience a problem with the braking system. A component used within the braking system may malfunction, resulting in one or more brake pedals either not engaging or becoming stuck in the “brake” position. If the brake is not engaging, there is a risk for unwanted bed movement which could possibly result in patient or user injury; this failure mode is most prevalent during patient transfers from one surface to another or during patient egresses.

View the field safety notice here (PDF)



Important Field Safety Notice - Harvest Healthcare HA200 Unipump

HA200 Unipump - Fitted to the following systems: Opal & Salisbury overlay mattresses. Chatsworth, Opal Plus, Prime comfort active replacements mattresses. Seats cushion system HH20. Systems produced in 2016 and 2017 are affected

Affected part: Low pressure sensor indicator.

Part code UN-020

Description of the problem. The pressure indicator is designed to indicate if the pump has detected a pressure drop when connected to an active alternating system. An audit has identified a failure on some units which are now in service. If the pressure indicator has stopped working, this will not activate if there is a deflation of the mattress. The Pump has been supplied with overlay systems and replacement systems. A visual inspection of the mattress to see if it has completely deflated is advisable as part of your routine daily checks.

View the field safety notice here (PDF)



Urgent Field Safety Notice - Liko® Multirall™ 200 and S65 Carriage Proper Attachment Reminder


Description Hill-Rom has become aware of a user-error that could result in a potential safety issue when attaching the Multirall™ 200 to the S65 carriage. Since the introduction of this combination in 2007,26 events have been reported where an improper connection of the Multirall™ 200 to S65 carriage was not identified by the user prior to use and a disconnect occurred, resulting in the unit falling. Eleven (11) of these cases have alleged injuries to the caregiver or patient. We have evaluated the potential risk and determined the likelihood of occurrence to be less than 27 per 1 billion (1 000000000) lifting experiences, or less than 0.000003%.


View the field safety notice here (PDF)


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Pilgrim Hospital impaled patient death: NHS fined £1m

A hospital has been fined £1m over the death of a patient who was impaled through his rectum on a metal physiotherapy hoist.

John Biggadike, 53, from Spalding, Lincolnshire, was being lifted at Pilgrim Hospital in Boston in 2012 when he fell on the equipment.

United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust was also ordered to pay £160,000 costs.

Trust bosses were "disappointed by the outcome and the settlement to the treasury but fully accept the verdict".




Field Safety Notice - Prism Freeway Easy Fit System

Name of Product: - Freeway Easy Fit system with a swivelling trolley. Earlier non-swivelling trolley versions are not affected.

Prism Reference :- FSN 0008 Action :- Inspect the swivel trolley for signs of movement of the fixing pin and/or splaying of the hook mount.

Date: 7th July 2017 (Revision 2) Attention: All distributors, therapists, carers and users of Freeway Easy Fit systems sold between 1st January 2012 - 19th May 2017

View the alert document here (PDF)

Service Engineer Training Day

Engineer Day.JPG

A great day yesterday with a number of our Field Service Engineers coming to Head Office for a training day. Striving to be the best at what we do by delivering awesome training and learning programs!

Important Update: Oxford® Dipper Service Life

Oxford Dipper Pool Hoist

As a result of extensive confidence and product endurance testing along with associated market feedback, Joerns Healthcare has revised its Expected Service Life statement for the Oxford Dipper pool-side lift. The revised statement reads as follows:

The Oxford Dipper lift is designed and tested for a minimum service life of five (5) years, subject to the use, maintenance and cleaning procedures stated in this manual.

Due to the hostile environments this product operates in, the maximum service life is set at seven (7) years. Use beyond this period may compromise both client and carer safety.

In order to ensure your Oxford Dipper remains in a safe and serviceable condition, it is imperative the daily checks, cleaning procedures and six monthly inspections, detailed in this manual are adhered to. This will ensure that any deterioration liable to compromise the safety of users is detected and remedied in good time.

Use other than in accordance with these instructions may compromise service life.

Please be aware that the socket (A, B or C) in which the Dipper mast is located will not require replacement,
thus, there is no structural installation work necessary during renewal.

What do you need to do?

Inform relevant staff of this safety critical update and contact existing facilities to ensure any Oxford Dipper units older than seven (7) years are taken out of service and replaced.

For further information please contact our Service Team on 03333 223344 or email  

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Identifier: 2017/003/016/401/001

Type of Action: Preventative

Date: 05th April 2017

Attention: All end users of Smirthwaite Ltd. Bath Chairs and Bath Corner Chairs.

Details of affected devices: Bath Chairs part numbers 7607 and 7609; Bath Corner Chairs part numbers 7511 and 7512 with the following serial numbers 126560, 132862 to 132995, 133009 to 133995, 134011 to 134993 and 135001 to 135516.

Description of problem: The pommel may become detached from its carrier exposing a rough/sharp surface which may cause injury to the user.

Advice on action to be taken by the user: Remove the pommel and return it to Smirthwaite Ltd. Who will replace it with a new pommel.

Transmission of the Field Safety Notice: This notice and a letter to all customers of the above products. Please pass this Field Safety Notice to all your staff that come into contact with this product or need to be notified of this notice. We should be grateful if you would confirm receipt of this notice by returning the prepaid envelope or emailing “FSN Bath Chair or FSN Bath Corner Chair” to

MHRA has been informed

View the alert document here (PDF)


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Special Offer - Invacare Reliant 350 Stand Assist Lifter

The Invacare Reliant 350 Stand Assist is electric mobile lifter that provides safe and comfortable assisted transfers for those with limited mobility or rehabilitation needs. The Invacare Reliant 350 can be used to transfer a client that cannot transfer unaided, but has some level of weight bearing ability, from one seated position to another.

5 year warranty: Frame + Actuator + Control box
2 year warranty: Hand control


Only £699.00 + VAT

Free Delivery

Offer ends 31st December 2016


Gourmet Lunch

Treating our hard-working field service engineers to a gourmet lunch after a productive morning of collaboration and product training! Wild venison bay and garlic burgers served with French fries, aged Parmesan and parsley! Well done guys, keep up the great work!

Völker™ Medical Device Notification

Hill-Rom has received notice that a side rail of a Völker™ 2080 bed lowered unintentionally and abruptly when a patient leaned over the side rail with his full body weight. We evaluated the potential risk and determined a likelihood of occurrence less than 9/100,000 units or 0.009%. Hill-Rom would like to remind users of the bed rails of Völker™ 2080, 2082, S 280 and S 282 beds with lateral release buttons for the side rails of the proper use of side rails. If a patient needs to exit the bed, please make sure the side rails are fully lowered and do not directly load the rail with the full patient weight. 

View the alert document here (PDF)

Important Field Safety Notice regarding Carina Mobile Lifts

Carina Mobile Lifts – Models Carina350EM, Carina350EML, Carina350EE

A limited amount of Carina mobile lifts have been delivered with a too small locking pin. If a locking pin smaller than the correct size is mounted on the Carina mobile lift, the locking pin is likely to cause increased wear on the plastic bushings (see Figure 5). In case of continued use, these components may cause wear on the metal of the piston rod eye (see Figure 6). Due to the risk of increased wear, users are requested to follow the instructions in this letter. Relevant Competent Authorities have been contacted. 

View the alert document here (PDF)


Invacare Birdie Lifter – Alert for the correct assembly of the Pipe pin that holds the arm’s actuator

Important Safety Information:

In the interests of the safety of our customers, we would like to bring to your attention to the correct assembly of the D-Clip that connects the actuator to the Invacare Birdie lifter’s arm. As a result of some vigilance cases where the actuator’s D-Clip becomes damaged and the lifter arm falls down, we become aware that if the D-Clip is always placed backwards and pointing down towards the actuator, it can start to become damaged after a number of cycles – picture below. However, - The bending (damage) of D-Clip only happens if it is touching the actuator backwards and at its maximum height; - After the first cycle, the D-Clip is not touching the actuator anymore (unless manually pushed); - The complete Clevis Pin doesn’t detach immediately from the actuator, when the D-Clip becomes damaged - the pin stays in the arm’s plates that hold the actuator; - Only over 140Kg it starts to bend severely.

View the alert document here (PDF)