Important Safety Information:

In the interests of the safety of our customers, we would like to bring to your attention to the correct assembly of the D-Clip that connects the actuator to the Invacare Birdie lifter’s arm. As a result of some vigilance cases where the actuator’s D-Clip becomes damaged and the lifter arm falls down, we become aware that if the D-Clip is always placed backwards and pointing down towards the actuator, it can start to become damaged after a number of cycles – picture below. However, - The bending (damage) of D-Clip only happens if it is touching the actuator backwards and at its maximum height; - After the first cycle, the D-Clip is not touching the actuator anymore (unless manually pushed); - The complete Clevis Pin doesn’t detach immediately from the actuator, when the D-Clip becomes damaged - the pin stays in the arm’s plates that hold the actuator; - Only over 140Kg it starts to bend severely.

View the alert document here (PDF)