On the 18th April 2018 Arjo sent a letter to all their customer to notify them that the Arjo Opera, Marissa, Tempo and Trixie passive floor lifters were obsoleted on 31st December 2017. 

Click to download a copy of the letter

Medaco can, and will continue to service and inspect the above hoists.  However, spare parts are no longer available, so as and when parts are needed, the equipment will then have to be taken out of service.

Mobile Hoist Obsoletion – FAQ’s

What is the ‘recommended service life’ of a mobile hoist?

Typically, this is 10 years, but please consult your product manual and handbook for the
exact service life of the hoist in question. The environment/situation in which the hoist is
being used, is also a contributing factor.

What does ‘discontinued’ mean?

This simply means that the manufacture of the said hoist no longer manufactures that
particular hoist, but the hoist is still within its recommended service life.

What does ‘obsoletion’ mean?

This means that the manufacture of the hoist will no longer support the hoist in any way – be
it necessary parts, service kits or product liability in the case of an accident.

Why do manufacturers discontinue and obsolete products?

Manufacturers are always having to obsolete old hoist models, as part of their continuing
process, and to ensure that hoists remain compliant with new legislation that may not have
been in place when the hoist was designed.

Will parts still be available?

When a hoist is obsoleted, this usually indicates that the manufacturer parts are no longer
available. Where possible, non-genuine parts can be used.

Can non-genuine parts be used to maintain hoists?

Yes, whilst the manufacturer will not accept any product liability, Medaco as your service
provider will accept product liability for any parts fitted by us.

Will Medaco use non-genuine safety critical spare parts?

No. Medaco will only use non-genuine spare parts where the parts are not safety critical –
e.g. handsets, batteries, and cosmetic parts.

Can Medaco maintain, service and support products that have been obsoleted?

Yes, Medaco can maintain products that have been obsoleted, but as and when genuine
spare parts are required, Medaco will no longer be able to support as the necessary parts
are no longer available from the manufacturers. In these instances, we will inform you

Can Medaco help with replacement hoist options?

Yes, Medaco have a range of hoists that we can offer as like-for-like replacements.