HA200 Unipump - Fitted to the following systems: Opal & Salisbury overlay mattresses. Chatsworth, Opal Plus, Prime comfort active replacements mattresses. Seats cushion system HH20. Systems produced in 2016 and 2017 are affected

Affected part: Low pressure sensor indicator.

Part code UN-020

Description of the problem. The pressure indicator is designed to indicate if the pump has detected a pressure drop when connected to an active alternating system. An audit has identified a failure on some units which are now in service. If the pressure indicator has stopped working, this will not activate if there is a deflation of the mattress. The Pump has been supplied with overlay systems and replacement systems. A visual inspection of the mattress to see if it has completely deflated is advisable as part of your routine daily checks.

View the field safety notice here (PDF)