Identifier: 2017/003/016/401/001

Type of Action: Preventative

Date: 05th April 2017

Attention: All end users of Smirthwaite Ltd. Bath Chairs and Bath Corner Chairs.

Details of affected devices: Bath Chairs part numbers 7607 and 7609; Bath Corner Chairs part numbers 7511 and 7512 with the following serial numbers 126560, 132862 to 132995, 133009 to 133995, 134011 to 134993 and 135001 to 135516.

Description of problem: The pommel may become detached from its carrier exposing a rough/sharp surface which may cause injury to the user.

Advice on action to be taken by the user: Remove the pommel and return it to Smirthwaite Ltd. Who will replace it with a new pommel.

Transmission of the Field Safety Notice: This notice and a letter to all customers of the above products. Please pass this Field Safety Notice to all your staff that come into contact with this product or need to be notified of this notice. We should be grateful if you would confirm receipt of this notice by returning the prepaid envelope or emailing “FSN Bath Chair or FSN Bath Corner Chair” to

MHRA has been informed

View the alert document here (PDF)