Autolift Bath Hoist Autolift Bath Hoist Autolift Bath Hoist Autolift Bath Hoist Autolift Bath Hoist Autolift Bath Hoist

Autolift Bath Hoist

Autolift Bath Hoist. A robust bath hoist that fits any bathroom environment

Autolift Bath Hoist solves common problems associated with installing and using bath hoists. Used in private homes, care homes and special schools across the country, it’s unique in that it works with any bathroom design and rotates 360˚ for easy transfers.

Custom floor and wall fixings mean it suits any floor type and bathroom design – fitting around cupboards and helping the room feel less like a typical ‘care environment’.

The hoist can be fitted at the end of the bath, at the side and with corner baths. It has a longer arm that easily reaches given the trend for larger standard bath sizes, which makes it easier for carers and more comfortable for users.

The Autolift Bath Hoist rotates 360 degrees, locking at 90-degree intervals. This means users can transfer into the seat comfortably from outside the bath, and then be rotated for accurate positioning within it – all without having to swing their legs up above the edge.

Choose from battery powered and manual configurations, both of which have been designed for ease of use. The power unit can be upgraded from manual to electric after installation to allow for easy reuse.

Key features

  • Custom base plates available to suit any floor type
  • Suits most baths and environments
  • Fixed or removable mobile seat options
  • 3-year warranty as standard
  • 127kg weight capacity
  • Stainless steel
  • Powered or manual versions – and can be upgraded after installation if required
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