Bariatric Profiling Bed – Pro Bario


The Pro Bario is one of the lowest bariatric hospital beds on the market. Minimising the risk of severe fall-related injuries and to make bed entrances and exits much more manageable for patient and carer.

Safe working load: 260 kg

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Pro-Bario is an electrically powered, bariatric bedframe that offers excellent value for money. Its wooden design differentiates it from acute style clinical bariatric beds, whilst providing all the innovative design and safety features required for high quality bariatric support and care.

With an adjustable height range of 20cm to 60cm, Pro-Bario is one of the lowest profiling bariatric care beds on the market. Designed to minimise the risk of falls and enable ease of access for the end user and carer, the bed offers a safe working load for up to 260 KG (41 stones) or 325 KG (51 stones) with the Bario-Max.

Key Features

• Width: 120cm
• Length of lying platform: 200cm
• Extension Available: Yes (20cm)
• Height: 20cm – 60cm
• Safe Working Load: 260kg (41 stone) 325kg (51 stone)
• Electrical height adjustable: Yes
• Electrical Back Rest: Yes
• Electrical Knee Break: Yes
• Manual Raised Leg Section: Yes
• Trendelenburg/ Anti-Trendelenburg: Yes

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