Patient Slings

Medaco provide a wide range of high quality and reliable Patient Slings from leading manufactures. They are designed to aid carers to move and transfer users with limited or no mobility. We offer a wide range including stand aid slings, manual transfer slings, in-situ slings, transport slings and toileting slings. They come in different materials including polyester, all day breathable fabric and disposable sling material.

Patient slings provide support for both the service user and their carers and reduce the likelihood of injuries when used with a hoist or transfer aid, reduce the likelihood of injuries. Slings are used many care settings including care homes, schools, hospices, and hospitals.

The range on our website includes the most common slings, however if you are looking for a sling for complex needs or a custom size, please get in touch and we will be able to help.

Safe patient handling is crucial so make sure your staff are fully trained by a manual handling expert.

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