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Cocoon Bath

Transform your bathing experience with the new Cocoon bath, with Ergo andKeyhole Tub designs. Reval Aroma, Hydro, Colour and AudioSpa options offer relaxing, safe, high dependency bathing, combined with a market leading 3 year warranty.

The Ergo model has been developed so that a patient can be positioned in the bath “Cocooned” by the tub’s fully supportive contours which provide excellent posture management and a safe comfortable bathing experience.

The Keyhole model is ergonomically shaped, allowing a patient to immerse deeper into the bath, providing a more comfortable and relaxing experience. The design provides more working space for care workers, making bath tasks more user friendly and comfortable for care workers.

Both tub designs can be equipped with Aroma, Hydro, Colour and AudioSpa. These options can be integrated individually or in combination to suit your budget or the specific patient outcomes you wish to achieve.

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