CS3 HD Machine

The Compact Superior 3 HD multi-utensil machine is designed for the full bed occupancy and high dependency nursing homes which have peak loads and a high utensil volume.

CS3 HD has the capacity to efficiently wash and disinfect 3 utensils in one operation, cutting water and heating costs, staff waiting time and utensil queueing.CS3 HD Superior 3 pan/urine bottle washer with super and normal wash cycles. Complete with free-steaming generator, digital indication and interlock control for ‘guaranteed’ disinfection, internal venting system, independent thermocouple port. Two cold water feed. Fitted with ‘P’ Trap.

All washer/disinfectors can include the DEOSCALE water treatment system to control limescale build-up and reduce maintenance. Utensil washer disinfectors are manufactured in compliance with the recommendations of British Standard 2745 and to meet the detail requirements of inspectors of the Water Supply Undertakings

  • Height  1100mm
  • Width   600mm
  • Depth   712mm
  • Water Feed  x 2
  • Supply  Cold
  • Connection   1/2” BSP male parallel
  • Overflow  1x19mm (3/4”) bore. End must be visible. (UK requirement)
  • Waste  82mm (3”) ‘P’ or ‘S’ trap

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