I-Swim 2 Portable Pool Lift I-Swim 2 Portable Pool Lift

I-Swim 2 Portable Pool Lift

I-Swim 2 Portable Pool Lift Lift lets people with reduced mobility access any type of swimming pool on their own.

I-Swim 2 Portable Pool Lift is ergonomically designed and has been created to be operated independently by the person being lifted or by an attendant or lifeguard.

To operate, simply guide the pool lift to the edge of the pool and engage the brakes. You don’t need to worry about the lift travelling too far because an infrared sensor detects when the pool lift reaches the water and automatically stops the lift.

The chair can be lowered into the water by an attendant using the control on the tiller or by the user themselves, by means of the optional hand control.

Key features

  • Can be used independently
  • Aluminium and stainless steel construction
  • 136 kg lifting capacity
  • 300 kg total weight
  • Handheld controls
  • Approx 50 cycles per battery charge
  • Incorporating aluminium and stainless steel, the i-Swim 2 is considerably lighter and easier to move than other user operated portable pool lifts

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