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Invacare Octave Bariatric Bed

Invacare Octave bariatric bed. Designed for maximum durability and comfort.

The Invacare Octave Bariatric bed is a durable and aesthetically pleasing bed that aids the care and comfort of bariatric users with a safe working load of 380kg (60 stone). Through the sophisticated, fully-electrical, 4 sectioned profiling mattress support the Octave provides maximum comfort and support for the user while also helping to create a beneficial working environment for the carer. The lack of an obstructing bed frame means that side access is far easier and both the bed ends can be detached independently if access to the head or feet is required.

The Octave features an extended bed frame for ease of transfer and improved support, as well as an easy-to-use hand control that allows the user to operate the bed’s height and profiling function. The Octave’s powerful, heavy-duty motors allow for an extremely smooth and almost silent operation, ensuring the user is not disturbed when changing the bed’s position.

Ease of delivery and assembly was considered in the design of the Octave Bed, with the bed arriving on a transportation rack which makes both dismounting and assembly very easy. In addition to this, the transport rack means the bed can be easily stored away, saving on space when not in use and enables easy transport if the user moves around frequently.

Key Features

  • Great comfort and stylish design – designed with the bariatric client in mind
  • Bed frame extends to the edges of the bed base for enhanced support and ease of transfer
  • An easy to use hand control enabling the client to operate the bed´s height and profiling function
  • Heavy duty motors enable a smooth and almost silent operation

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