ISA Stand Assist Lifter

Designed for independence, safety and comfort

To offer family members and carers a highly efficient lift, the new ISA has a compact, curved base dimension and has an optimised product weight. An emphasis has been placed on intuitive design to make the ISA as easy to use as possible for carers and family members.

Dismantling this product can be done without any tools, and thus transportation can be achieved fluidly.

Designed to offer the best lifting experience for person and carer

The ISA features many options and accessories to adapt the lifter ergonomics to a wide variety of body shapes and heights, making this a practical choice for use in the Community or Residential Care environments and in situations where the lifter may be used for multiple people.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic hand grips: fits the natural shape of the hand and wrist. Helpful for those with limitations in dexterity.
  • Extendable lifting arm: different length settings to suit various body shapes and heights and maximise ergonomics for an active transfer.
  • Lower leg support: a wide range of settings to fit comfortably to many different leg lengths.
  • Foot plate: optional footplate heights for further adaptation of the base to different body heights.

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