Molift Quick Raiser 1 Molift Quick Raiser 1

Molift Quick Raiser 1

Molift Quick Raiser 1 compact design and excellent manoeuvrability even in narrow space

Molift Quick Raiser 1 is stable and easy to manoeuvre. The unique wheel position and near-perfect weight distribution of the base provides a small turning radius with easy manoeuvrability even in narrow spaces.

By virtue of its compact design, Molift is stable, comfortable and easy to use. Because of the position of the wheels and the small turning circle it is easy to maneuver, even in tight spaces. With its extra low base, Molift fits under beds, chairs and most wheelchairs. Molift Quick Raiser 1 has a safe working load (SWL) of 160kg.

Molift Quick Raiser is equipped with automatic service notification. This consists of integrated software which calculates when the lifter requires service over and above the recommended annual inspection. Statistics on the actual use of the lifter can be retrieved from the software. Molift Quick Raiser is run by environmentally-friendly batteries.

Key Features

  • Extra low base
  • Integrated service software
  • Multiple adjustable knee pads
  • Compact and easy to maneuver
  • Environment friendly NiMH-battery
  • L 95.5 cm (37.6in)
  • Leg height – 7 cm (2.8in)
  • Chassis width – 61 cm (24.0in)
  • Service software included
  • Aluminium and steel
  • Total weight – 29kg (64lbs)
  • Max user weight – 160kg (353lbs)
  • Lifting speed – 5 cm/sec at 75kg
  • Battery – NiMH 14.4 V – 2.2 Ah
  • Battery charge time – 3 hours

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