Oxford Elevate Stand Aid Oxford Elevate Stand Aid

Oxford Elevate Stand Aid

Oxford Elevate Stand Aid designed for exceptional performance, combined with outstanding flexibility.

Oxford Elevate Stand Aid is designed specifically to improve the lifting experience as well as promote patient independence. With a massive safe working load of 200kg/440Ibs and integrated weigh-scale, the Elevate is an extremely adaptable and flexible stand aid lift.

In today’s demanding care environment, large patients are becoming more of a challenge for conventional lifts. With a safe working load of 200kg/31st, the Elevate is able to cope with the vast majority of patient handling situations.

The Elevate Stand Aid features a class III certified weigh-scale allows the carer to weigh a patient during the transfer process. This negates the need to transport the patient to a secondary weighing device, saving time and eliminating any potential for patient discomfort. The weigh scale’s simple and intuitive controls are ergonomically positioned to ensure ease of use and allow a patient’s weight to be regularly monitored. To ensure an accurate reading is taken each and every time, the entire lift is active which gives a true measurement regardless of how and where the patient’s weight is being supported.

The Elevate also features and adjustable knee block and belt and a removable foot tray. The removable foot tray can be used to encourage a patient to walk once stood.

Key Features

  • Powered leg positioning
  • Removable foot tray and cover
  • Easy to adjust knee pad with safety belt
  • Ergonomic design considerations
  • Heavy duty safe working load (200kg/440Ibs)Integrated class III digital weigh-scale

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