Oxford Switch Stand Aid

Oxford Switch Stand Aid a simple yet versatile solution for assisted standing and transfers.

Oxford Switch Stand Aid is designed to help a person with reduced mobility, stand from a seated position and enable their transfer from one point to another. As a rehabilitation aid, the Switch actively encourages the user to participate in the standing process, engaging core muscle groups while improving strength and function.

The electrically powered Oxford Stand Aid quickly performs patient transfers such as bed to chair, or chair to commode, and in a fraction of the time required for a conventional mobile hoist. The Stand Aid is very easy to use by means of its simple handheld controller, giving a smooth controlled lift for maximum user safety and comfort. Depending on the choice of sling used, the Oxford Stand Aid will either help the user to a standing position or it will assist with a seated transfer. In either case, the action is smooth, safe and controlled. The Oxford Stand Aids low castors and supporting frame height are designed to allow the wheeled base to pass under most items of furniture such as chairs, wheelchairs and beds with ease, for easier transfers. The stand aid is fitted with a large knee pad that provides additional comfort and support for the user, and has adjustable legs that enable better access around chairs, beds and other obstacles.

Key Features

  • One Oxford Stand Aid
  • Incredibly reliable and versatile stand aid
  • Allows quick, efficient and safe transfers
  • Requires the users active participation
  • Encourages the user to remain active
  • Emergency lift and lower facility
  • Supplied fitted with removable battery
  • Supplied complete with desktop charger
  • Operated with simple hand held controller
  • Fitted with large knee pad for user comfort
  • Adjustable legs enable far easier access
  • Front wheel diameter: 75mm (3″)
  • Rear wheel diameter: 100mm (4″)
  • Maximum overall length: 1220mm (48″)
  • Minimum overall length: 1170mm (46″)
  • Maximum overall height: 1625mm (64″)
  • Minimum overall height: 1138mm (44.75″)
  • Stand aid turning radius: 1250mm (49″)
  • Legs open – external width: 1240mm (48.75″)
  • Legs closed – external width: 610mm (24″)
  • Total stand aid weight: 48.5 kgs (106lbs)
  • Maximum user weight: 140 kgs (22st)

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