Robin Ceiling Hoist Robin Ceiling Hoist

Robin Ceiling Hoist

Robin Ceiling Hoist provides a unique and innovative method of transfer.

Robin Ceiling Hoist provides a unique and innovative method of transfer. Two strap design has no obstructive spread bar; offering a safe and dignified transfer with optimal client and carer contact.

The two strap design gives unsurpassed stability during the transfer. The smooth soft start function makes positioning gentler, and the two speed motor reduces the amount of time required for the transfer. The strap only configuration eliminates the need for a spreader bar of any size, adapting automatically to the weight and shape of the client.

Personal contact is important. The absence for a spreader bar provides the client with a sense of freedom reducing the fear of being close to obtrusive parts of the lifting equipment. This enhances the transfer experience by introducing a unique dignified method of moving people.

The Robin ceiling hoist has been conceived with safety in mind. In the event of an emergency situation, lowering, raising and stop functions are standard features built into the motor unit. The lifting mechanism offers an overlaid security system, self adjusting strap inlet and centrifugal braking. Our patented strap system enables the carer to attach the sling to the hoist with the minimum effort and the added security of a simple locking mechanism.

Key Features

  • Emergency stop and lowering
  • Hand control with clear raised buttons
  • Strap inlet self adjusts automatically to client’s size
  • Cable disengages to avoid damage from hand control pull along
  • Hook self locks when weighted
  • Blue light illuminates when motor is in use and signal light flashes when battery is low

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