Robin Overhead Hoist Robin Overhead Hoist Robin Overhead Hoist Robin Overhead Hoist

Robin Overhead Hoist

The ‘Robin Overhead Hoist’ provides a unique and innovative method of transfer. The two strap design has no obtrusive spreader bar, offering a safe and dignified transfer with optimal client and carer contact. There is no risk of injury with spreader bar while the straps adjust automatically to the size of the use. The ‘Robin’ hoist is compatible with most track systems.

Key Features:

  • Also available with moto
  • Blue light illuminates when motor is in use
  • 3 year warranty
  • Emergency stop and lowering
  • Sling attachment hooks self lock when weighted
  • Lifts per charge: approx 40 (at 85kg)
  • Safe working load – 200kg (31 stone)

To meet complex transfer needs there are a wide range of tracking options for a diverse range of environment and types of installation. The track system uses a discreet modern design with a low height and long span, ensuring
that the complexities of various transfer needs are met. The track is constructed from light aluminium material and is easy to install. Also available is the ‘Portable Gantry’ and the ‘Portable Gantry Traverse’.

The Robin overhead hoist is available as a free standing two or four post gantry system, or as a fully installed room covering system. Please get in touch for more details.




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