Softform Premier Spinal Mattress Softform Premier Spinal Mattress

Softform Premier Spinal Mattress

Softform Premier Spinal Mattress. A high specification replacement mattress designed for those with newly acquired spinal injuries.

Softform Premier Spinal Mattress is a high specification replacement mattress designed for those with spinal conditions or injury. It is suitable for those considered at ‘Very High Risk’ of developing pressure ulcers. The Spinal mattress provides optional support to cover a wide range of comfort and spinal alignment requirements. Following a spinal injury, a firm support surface may be necessary to assist in immobilising the spine. The unique dual layer design provides the option of a softer, comfort foam offering greater pressure redistribution, which may be more appropriate at a later stage in the rehabilitation process.

An integral platilon liner forms part of the interior of the Softform Premier Spinal mattress. As the risks of contact with bodily fluids may be increased, the liner which encases the internal foam attributes to infection control by reducing the risk of fluid ingress. SRT covers are unique, and have been designed to be “strikethrough” resistant. Strikethrough occurs when the mattress cover fibres break down or separate, and small cracks develop resulting in contaminants seeping through to the inner foam usually as a result of damage by rigorous cleaning. These specially coated SRT covers are designed to withstand the stringent but essential cleaning regimes in place in healthcare settings and as a result, reduce mattress failure rates.

Key Features

  • Unique dual foam insert provides two surface options
  • Does not require turning or rotating
  • Full length flap concealed zip
  • Width: 66 to 90
  • Length: 125 to 210
  • Depth: 15
  • Weight: 14kg

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